Welcome to the home of 713-R (Air). The website of the 12 Royal Navy apprentices who joined the service in September 1971 and January 1972 and ultimately graduated together as Radio Electrical Atificers of the Fleet Air Arm - the class of '713-R'.
After many years apart we finally gathered for a modest re-union on 10th Sept 2021 to celebrate our 50th anniversary. 'It was a pure delight to host the event' (Dave) and, despite a relatively small gathering, we 'all had a wonderful time' (Steve). Indeed, after an absence of 20-30 years, we seemed able to 'carry on from where we left off!' (Roger).
We do hope that this was not the last gathering but simply the first of more to come. Please visit the Reunions page for more about past and future get-togethers and do Contact us if you'd like to join in or contribute to this site.